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The Kawhi-George era has begun

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George made their first official appearance on the hardwood together on Wednesday night in an exciting matchup against the 17-time champions Boston Celtics at the Staple Center.

Although the team came away with a win, it is evident that the Clippers have some work to do offensively.

Infamous for his Oscar worthy antics, Patrick Beverley came through clutch as Los Angeles defeated Boston in overtime. He was everywhere particularly in the final minutes of the game clocking a career high 14 points 16 rebounds and seven assists to improve the Clippers to 9-1 at home.

The 2009 42nd overall pick spent four years in Europe before the Clippers signed him, his contribution defensively has made the team one the best defensive squads in the league so far this season. “Tonight was a great example is you can win a game until your offense catches up.” said Doc Rivers in postgame interview.

This was Paul George’s fourth appearance this season. He got dropped by a Jayson Tatum crossover, which was followed by a three that took the game into overtime.

Although both George and Leonard have been looking forward to playing together for a while, their efforts were at times sloppy. George finished with 25 points off 18 shots while Leonard shot 7 for 20.

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics have made major strides in the locker room that have evidently made a positive impact for the team.

After a lackluster season, Brad Stevens and his staff made moves to empower the young Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown who might be the best wing duo in the league right now.

Tatum finished with 30 points and six rebounds but the Clippers still outscored the Celtics 31-18 to seal the deal.

By Nthabiseng Mushi

@nthabi4real on instagram

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