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Perspective gives Beverley on-court edge

On the court Patrick Beverley is one of the grittiest defensive players in the NBA. No smiles once the ball touches the floor, he’s the ultimate competitor. His goal is to make his opponent as uncomfortable as possible.

Almost every game Beverley is involved in he has some sort of confrontation with a player that causes the referee to break them up or issue a technical foul. That’s just who he is on the court. A hard-nosed in your face defender. NBA Legend Charles Barkley believes that every team needs a “goon” like Patrick Beverley. Beverley calls it the “Chicago” mindset.

This past season Beverley has guarded players that are a lot taller than him, players who have the height advantage such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Paul George. The proof is in the pudding as Beverley has caused those stars some major problems when he’s been locked in on them defensively. Thus it seems almost disrespectful that he didn’t make an All-NBA defensive team. Beverley is a fighter and will certainly come back stronger next season.

“To take time and visit people going through real life situations, seeing how strong they are, it forces you not to take things for granted.”

– LA Clippers guard Patrick Beverley on gaining perspective from people who are struggling with real-world problems.

On the flip side there is a whole different persona to Beverley that not many people see, unless you know him personally. Beverley doesn’t spend time publicizing his activiies away from the game, he doesn’t spend time with the media trying to get their attention. He does it from his heart. Beverley spends time with young people, visiting kids and spending time with them. When he’s doing that he hardly wants any pictures or videos. He just wants to spend time with the kids.

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Throughout the season he visits young patients at hospitals. When he walks through the door the kids light up when they see him. He makes them feel like they matter and that means more to Beverley than any of the basketball related activities. “It puts everything in perspective for me. As a player we’re always in our own bubble, around our friends. To take time and visit people going through real life situations, seeing how strong they are, it forces you not to take things for granted. It makes you appreciate the health you have. The young kids and the elders, they have high spirits, uplifting and take whatever comes their way. It forces you to appreciate everything you have in life & that’s why I like to do it,” said Beverley recently.

Pat Bev plays boards games with them, talks and laughs. It’s almost like therapy for him. He also donates tickets to Clippers games to the patients and their families. It reminds him not to take things in life for granted. Beverley realizes that being in the NBA you’re always on the road traveling, having fun and there are people who have real life threatening situations.

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