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Pelicans win 2019 NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA Draft lottery was more eagerly awaited this year than in many previous years with the fate of projected Number 1 draft pick Zion Williamson hanging in the balance. Whoever got Zion would have the eyes of the world on their city for a long time to come. It turned out to be the New Orleans Pelicans who won the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery.

Williamson has garnered as much hype and attention as a young LeBron James did when he was finishing high school and was on the verge of becoming an NBA player. This time it wasn’t Cleveland who would get the pick, though they had a shot at it. It wasn’t to be one of the much-vaunted teams who had trashed their seasons in the hope of acquiring Williamson, teams like the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns or Chicago Bulls. Instead the pick landed at the feet of the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Pelicans get to pick first in the NBA Draft in June and haven’t done so since the time they drafted Anthony Davis in 2012. Who knows what newly-minted Pels General Manager David Griffin will do with pick as their star player Davis wants out of Louisiana?

Conventional wisdom says that they keep the pick and select Williamson, but he is so valuable, as is Davis, that they could trade both and get rewarded handsomely. That is for the Pelicans to decide, for now the chips have fallen and the teams now know where they will be selecting. Next up is to see where the players get chosen in the NBA Draft on Thursday the 20th of June. There are still a lot of fantastic players to be picked up in the NBA Draft and teams can still be optimistic of securing someone who could change the course of their franchise forever.

Below are the results from NBA Draft Lottery 2019:

1. New Orleans

2. Memphis

3. New York

4. Los Angeles Lakers

5. Cleveland

6. Phoenix

7. Chicago

8. Atlanta

9. Washington

10. Atlanta (from Dallas)

Below is the order for the remainder of the first round and the complete second round for NBA Draft 2019 presented by State Farm:

11. Minnesota

12. Charlotte

13. Miami

14. Boston (from Sacramento via Philadelphia)

15. Detroit

16. Orlando

17. Brooklyn

18. Indiana

19. San Antonio

20. Boston (from LA Clippers via Memphis)

21. Oklahoma City

22. Boston

23. Utah

24. Philadelphia

25. Portland

26. Cleveland (from Houston)

27. Brooklyn (from Denver)

28. Golden State

29. San Antonio (from Toronto)

30. Milwaukee


31. Brooklyn (from New York via Philadelphia)

32. Phoenix

33. Philadelphia (from Cleveland via Orlando and New York)

34. Philadelphia (from Chicago via Los Angeles Lakers)

35. Atlanta

36. Charlotte (from Washington via Orlando, Denver and Atlanta)

37. Dallas

38. Chicago (from Memphis)

39. New Orleans

40. Sacramento (from Minnesota via Portland and Cleveland)

41. Atlanta (from Los Angeles Lakers via Cleveland and Indiana)

42. Philadelphia (from Sacramento via Brooklyn and Milwaukee)

43. Minnesota (from Miami via Charlotte)

44. Atlanta (from Charlotte)

45. Detroit

46. Orlando (from Brooklyn via Memphis and Charlotte)

47. Sacramento (from Orlando via New York)

48. LA Clippers

49. San Antonio

50. Indiana

51. Boston

52. Charlotte (from Oklahoma City)

53. Utah

54. Philadelphia

55. New York (from Houston)

56. LA Clippers (from Portland via Detroit and Orlando)

57. New Orleans (from Denver via Milwaukee)

58. Golden State

59. Toronto

60. Sacramento (from Milwaukee)

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