• Cyrus Rogers

All on the line in epic Game 6

They blew it in Game 5 but the Toronto Raptors are still only one win away from taking the NBA championship.

The one point win for the Golden State Warriors at Scotiabank Arena has allowed them back into the series giving them hope that they can still overcome the team from Canada. The Raptors are still in the driving-seat as they lead the series 3-2, but anything can happen, especially when you have to claim victory behind enemy lines.

The players are focused and ready, Toronto Raptors Congolese big man Serge Ibaka isn’t dwelling on what came before as he is focused purely on what lies ahead and his role chasing the championship, “The past is the past. I believe anything is possible, and I believe I can even do better than what I did. I'm not going to be here to think about what I did in the past. I'm here to think about what I can do better for my team tomorrow. So that's what is in my mind.”

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Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson shook off an injury in order to get back on the court to help his team claw their way back into the best-of-seven series. His late game contributions in that last outing showed that he is not backing down. Thompson is soon to become a free agent, as is the injured Kevin Durant and there are questions swirling around about his immediate future with the Warriors and the possible destinations that he and Durant could be targeting if it all ends after Game 6 in Oakland. This will be the last ever game played at Oracle Arena, one of the oldest venues in the NBA and Thompson expects the Golden State fans to come in full voice to support their team. “We're not even thinking about the future. We're just thinking about enjoying this last show at Oracle we're about to give our fans. And I expect our fans to be the loudest they have ever been, especially in the name of Kevin and bringing his type of spirit he would bring to the fight and the competitiveness. I know our fans will do that because we deserve it, but more importantly Kevin does for what he gave this team, this organization. There wouldn't be banners if it wasn't for his presence. So we expect our crowd to be loud for him.”

Kawhi Leonard has been the leader of this Raptors team as they’ve made a remarkable run to the NBA Finals. The Raps weren’t able to get the win they craved in Game 5, even after the Warriors had lost Durant to a ruptured Achilles, but there were lessons to be learned from that defeat and Leonard is steadfast they he and his teammates will have taken those lessons on board, “Look at our mistakes, try not to make them again. Go out there in the next game and just play with each other, have one focus and one goal and try to win it.”

The stars have spoken and now all that’s left is for the players to show up on the court and see who wants it more in this epic battle. The Raptors won’t want to let another game slip through their hands, but the Warriors will be keen to rally together and win this series for Durant and for their adoring fans.

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